*** The next competition is not planned yet. Below is the program of the last competition.***

From 12th to 13th September 2020, the second all-Slovenian competition in bushcraft and survival in nature will take place. The competition will be structured to test as many survival skills as possible. In addition to the match, this will also be an exceptional opportunity to connect with likely-minded outdoor people and share knowledge and experience between them.

In short: it is a test of physical abilities, but much more of survival skills: orientation without a compass, finding drinking water, lighting fires in primitive ways, identifying tracks, edible and useful plants and mushrooms, preparing wild food, making bivouacs, traps, torch, archery, etc. Registration is possible in groups (2-4 people).

Activities after the competition:

  • debate and presentation of optimal solutions to tasks from the competition,
  • archery, throwing axes, shurikens, javelins,
  • a shorter workshop by the organizer; this year’s theme: ropes made of natural materials
  • bonfire, preparing your own beds (hammocks, bivouacs, sleeping bags, or other equipment of your choice), socializing,
  • overnight stay, announcement of results and awarding of prizes on the second day (if someone leaves the previous evening, the prizes will be awarded later).


There can be 2 to 4 people in the group. Registration of four people is recommended, as larger groups usually have an advantage in performing individual tasks and thus in achieving a greater number of points. All groups are in the same category regardless of group size.

As already mentioned, the tasks will consist of many survival skills: orientation, lighting a fire, identifying tracks, edible and useful plants, mushrooms, making bivouacs, products from natural materials, archery, etc. The details of the tasks will be known only at the competition itself. A lot will depend not only on the knowledge itself, the ingenuity and skills of the groups but also on luck. This encourages those who do not have that much experience, but who are interested in this topic, to participate in the competition. The tasks are extremely varied and encourage team spirit, they are made according to the principle of team building.


The whole group:

  • a camera with a blank memory card, because the competition will require photographing plants, animals, tracks and activities. After completing the tasks, the images are uploaded to the organizer’s laptop, where the images will be reviewed and evaluated,
  • notebook,
  • pen,
  • hand saw (rental option)

Individual – for competition:

  • suitable clothing and footwear,

    knife (blade length max. 15 cm).

Individual – other:

  • equipment for spending the night in the forest of your choice (e.g. sleeping bag + hammock / tent wing, etc.),
  • menagerie or similar,
  • food and drink

With the exception of the camera, the use of other electronic devices (e.g. mobile phones) is not permitted in the competition. Everyone is responsible for food and drink, there will be drinking water on site.


The competition consists of two parts:

  • A: Orienteering

The course will be shorter this year, only about 3-4 km. During the journey, it is necessary to gather grass and a limited amount of edible plants (to be used in subsequent tasks), and above all to record useful and edible plants or mushrooms and to describe possible animal tracks. For this purpose, census sheets are obtained, and all observations are photographed as proof (thus avoiding unnecessary plucking and destruction). Along the way there are also points with tasks, e.g. orientation without a compass. Otherwise, this part is more left to one’s own skill, faster groups can use any excess time to record plants, etc.

  • B: Base Camp

In the second set, there are several specific tasks that are performed in the same place, so this part is less physically demanding. This part includes activities such as making fire in primitive ways, various fireplaces, cooking, making a bivouac, ropes, traps, torches, dishes, various tools/weapons, archery, etc., there will also be a little bit of theory. Since there will probably be quite a few things that the contestants have never done before, the instructors/assessors can partially help beginner groups, and the group’s improvisation and imagination will come to the fore.

Each task is separately evaluated with points and roughly coincides with how much time is allocated for the task. Each group draws which set (A or B) to start with in the morning and with which in the afternoon. All groups finish at the base camp, where dinner and other activities follow. On the second day, after breakfast, there is an awards ceremony (at 9 am), and at the request of the participants, various survival skills are practiced and tested together with the instructors until the official end at 12 noon.


Due to the limited availability of instructors in 2024, we do not have any fixed dates for the English (or German) language courses. However, we can organise a special course tailored to your group on request. For individuals, more courses will be held in 2025, but we are already collecting interest, so feel free to contact us. 

We offer a wide range of workshops and courses: 

    • Fire 1

    • Fire 2 

    • Survival shelters

    • Edible plants

    • Clay and pottery

    • Mushroom gathering

    • SOS and orientation
    • Water in extremes
    • Primitive weapons
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